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Salon Re: 
An Eco-Friendly Salon 
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Salon Re: Eco-Friendly Salon in the Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS — Being renewed and refreshed is what
going to the hair salon is all about. But boasting a new ’do isn’t
exactly known for its earth-friendliness.
But it can be.
The owners of a new salon say they want to help
customers look their best while having a minimal
impact on the environment.
Joy Anderson and Amanda Powell’s Salon Re, which
opened a few weeks ago at 940 E. Fulton St., incorporates
earth-friendly elements such as water-saving
hair-wash basins, bamboo and concrete countertops,
recycled carpet squares, used and re-purposed furnishings
and organic and homemade cleaning products.
Styling products, which are low on chemicals and come in
recyclable containers, include yogurt-based hair color and
plant-based relaxers for African-American hair.
Hair clippings also are saved and donated to Matter of Trust,
a San Francisco nonprofit that manufactures mats of hair that
are used to clean up oil spills.
Anderson, 34, and Powell, 26, don’t call themselves environmentalists,
“but I’ve been going in that direction at home for years,” Powell said.
“A lot of clients have asked about the ingredients in the
products I use on their hair, so I know other people
are thinking about it.”
Anderson has nine years of experience as a stylist
that includes salon and staff management.
Powell also is a hair stylist as well as a makeup artist.
She also has nine years of experience.

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